Clean Competence has been Our Mantra since our Startup. We truly believe, competing Cleanly by doing good to the Environment has immense benefits, not only for the Society, but also for our Company and its Good Will.

Such drive has helped us accomplish many a feat in Environmental Management. We believe, Clean Technologies over Clean Up Technologies, would solve many a problems troubling the industry. Some of our initiatives are given below

LISO Tech System
(Patented Water Recycling)

We own a Patent for our Recycling Process, which is a first in our sector. We follow a system to convert Lime Water usable for Soaking, by making it undergo several Biological, Physical and Chemical Treatment. Facultative bacteria developed in the process, aids in a superior Soaking normally not possible in Fresh Water. Bacterial Nano Buffing, Pre Liming, etc… are some of the technologies imparted to recycle and subsequently improve the Quality of the Leather.

This system, followed by other initiatives such as Waterless Tanning, Deliming Liquor Recycle, Chrome Recovery Plant, etc… has collectively reduced our Fresh Water usage significantly.

At the end, we consume a mere 0.9 litres per SQFT for the Production of Finished leather from Raw Hide.

ZEWA (Zero Waste)

Zero Waste, a system innovated by us to fully use up the spent dye, retan fat liquor baths of mainline production, in the manufacture of secondary line production of industrial gloves split leather. This means a 100% efficiency of uptake of chemicals and ZERO WASTE.

The Substrates are further converted into value added products in the most economical and sustainable way thinkable, with zero input of chemicals usually needed to achieve the same quality. This method had resulted in significant reduction in COD and BOD levels in the Effluent, thereby making the WWTP process easier.

100% Chrome Utilisation

Our factory was a forerunner in the adoption of Chrome Recycling technologies. Particularly our Chrome Recovery Plant has been one of the best initiatives in our arsenal.

Utilisation of Chrome Recovery Plant has resulted in not only Cost Savings, but also has provided a Superior Tannage and enabled the complete utilisation of Chrome offered in the process, which is not possible by any high exhaustion tanning systems.
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