From Scratch

There is a saying, commonly heard in the Leather Sector “Leather is made in the Beam-house”. This saying refers to the fact that much of the properties of Final Leather is determined by the Primary Tanning done. If you look at most of the conventional makers of Finished Leathers, their process originates from Wet Blue.

The business of Wet Blue is quite small in India, and there are very few large-scale players. Therefore, for one specific article, the Manufacturer has to source from several different vendors.

Each vendor would have his/her own source of Origin, with their own method of processing and chemicals used, thereby leading to several different ranges of qualities. This is a surefire recipe for disaster as the final leather would have so many variations which would only be controllable if the entire batch is done from a single origin and single tannage. At KKSK, we always believe in the Right Material with Right Tannage for the Right Leather, as we control every single process right after the Slaughterhouse to the Final Product, thereby giving you the most consistent source of Leathers.

Economy of Scale

Having been in the industry for over 3 Decades, we have garnered enough expertise to source from all corners of the Globe. We specialise in Indian Materials and are able to stock in huge quantities for immediate processing based on orders received.

At any point of time, we have enough stock to fulfil a quarter of year’s requirement, thus eliminating the usual necessity to go and search for Wet Blues. This makes it possible to deliver on time. Most of our Customers give us a score above 95% in delivery performance.”

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