KKSK International (KKSK Tanning Co Pvt Ltd), is an Enterprise specialising in the Manufacture and Export of Premium Calf and Cow Leathers from India. The acronym KKSK relates to the name of our founding father Mr. KKS Khader Mohideen Sahib, who laid the foundation of our company in the 1930s, by setting up an East India (EI) Tanning Facility.
Long after, Mr Khader Mohideen Sahib had passed away and the realms of the business was handed over to two of his young teenage sons. It was the year 1982 and Mr Rafiq, the youngest of the two, and the present Managing Partner of KKSK International, was barely 17 years old, and since then there was no turning back.
KKSK was a trend setter from the very beginning. From being the very first Large Scale Industrialised Wet Blue Producer, one of the largest Raw Material stockist in the Country and presently one of the largest Finished Leather Exporters from the country with a monthly capacity of 2.0 Million Sqft, we have been setting benchmarks of performance and quality standards and continue to do so.
Our triumphs in the industry does not end there. We were the first to obtain an ISO 14001 Certification, the first Raw Hide to Finished Leather processor to obtain an LWG Gold Certification and the first tannery in the country to obtain a Patent for our Recycling system which reduces the water consumption manifold. We presently use less than 3 Litres per KG of Raw Hide, when the industry best average is around 15 litres.
We were also the first player from the industry to look into futuristic renewable energy sector, and ventured into Wind Power. Our group collectively owns 70 Wind Turbines (20 MW) and all our manufacturing facilities run completely on Wind Energy.
Fusing modern technologies with traditional expertise in perfect rhythm, KKSK International has been producing exceptional leathers to the exacting ever changing requirements of High End consumer Brands from countries like US, Australia, Europe, UK, etc.…
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